How to protect yourself from an aggressive & attacking rooster

How to protect yourself from an aggressive & attacking rooster

Have you ever faced a rooster attack? It can be really dangerous & can be left with an injury as well. A rooster turns into attacking form in order to protect his own territory. You can decrease the odds of out and out battle by keeping him away from apparently irrelevant practices on your part that may shake him. Sooner or later, you would need to train him to be respectful at your presence. If your rooster assumes you as a predator then it’s a big problem. So, training him to be a nice guy & protecting yourself from his aggression & attack is really important.

In this article, you will find some ways to protect yourself from your rooster’s attack & to train your rooster to be a gentleman.


Distract him and Protect Yourself

1.Divert his attention with snacks.

A famous rooster-barrier strategy with demonstrated adequacy, hurling out a touch of feed will probably occupy your rooster with momentous consistency. Bunches of grain may really be all the protection you require.

To prove your rooster that you are not another rooster, feeding him is a very beneficial way. If you think that you rooster has already figured that you’re his owner & you’re not a rooster, then you might be wrong. It will take time for him to figure out the surrounding.

Feeding your rooster will help to make your rooster understand that you are not a threat for him. Rather, you are a person who provides him food more often & you own him so that he behaves nicely with you.

Feed him over & over again. Give him some time every day. It will not only distract him but also make him comfortable with your presence. Gradually you’ll notice that he has started to call his hens out to come & share this delicious treat with him.


2. Be prepared with a rooster shield.

Sometimes you need to get in & get out of the coop quickly. For example, you went to the coop for getting the eggs & your rooster attacks on you thinking that you are a cruel giant & you have come to kill everyone in the flock. In this case, you just need to protect yourself with a shield. You don’t need an army shield to protect yourself from your rooster’s anger. Just a large lid or a shovel will do the work.

If your rooster attacks on you then hold the shield between you & him. Never strike at him. Just try to protect yourself from any injury he might give you.


3. Dress up for your protection.

Your rooster has two very dangerous weapons-his beaks & spur. An injury from beak & spur can leave you with serious infections & you might need to take antibiotics. To protect yourself from this aggressiveness, dress up for your rooster’s beak & feet resistance. Wear leather gloves, long sleeve shirts, full-length jeans pants & boots to protect your top to toe. But make sure that your boots are not floppy as they may excite your rooster even more.

Have you seen any rooster longer in height that you?? Is the answer & should be NO right? That’s why always remember that they are shorter than you & they will battle with their beak & feet. So, always take protection as you are going to a mini battlefield.


Avoid Incitement of an Easily-Annoyed Rooster

1.Move with hurry

You shouldn’t depend on avoiding your rooster as this is just an impermanent answer for managing a forceful creature. In times when you essentially need to get in and out of the coop and don’t have sufficient time to show him some rooster behavior-adjustment training, it is fine to utilize some evasion moving. Move at a relentless pace and give him a generous amount of space.


2. Don’t show him any aggressive behavior from your side.

Abstain from strolling specifically towards the rooster. Then again, don’t clearly crawl around him either, as a show of shortcoming may likewise incite him. Abstain from gazing at him as well. This is a work of art, though unintended, demonstration of hostility that has prompted untold quantities of human-rooster fights.

3. Avoid other common mistakes that incite your rooster.

If you are trying to avoid the rooster vs human clash then wear the proper apparel, give your rooster some space. Don’t show any kind of negative behavior toward him. Any wrong indication of you toward him might make him feel like you are a predator & you are a threat to his flock. Roosters always look for challenges. So, if you are not ready to face the hassle then don’t give him any challenges.

Summarily, in case you’re basically attempting to avert human versus rooster clash, wear the proper apparel, give the rooster some space and abstain from successfully obviously challenge his government. Roosters are actually searching for a test consistently. Try not to give them one, except if you’re prepared to wrangle.

If you’re carrying a bucket then don’t dangle it around lazily as your rooster might assume it a call to arms. Also, never run after the hens. Your rooster their lover & he will shield them till his last breath. If you chase his hens then he might assume you are flirting with his sweethearts & get envious thus attack you! You won’t want this either! So, act smartly when you’re dealing with his aggression.


The Roost is in Your Charge!

1.Know when he’s about to attack.

Roosters always give warning before they attack you. So, always look for the signs of warning. Your rooster will low down his head & initiate the war between you & him. Before showing his force, he will give you early warning signs like staring, crowing & running up on you. Understand his moves & work according to them.


2. Remember that you are the owner of the coop.

 You definitely have choices to make when your rooster attacks on you. Either you can train him to act right or you can run away. You should always keep in mind you own that multicolored bird with a jiggly wiggly throat. You just need to make him understand that it’s your yard & you are the owner. Whenever he shows an attacking & aggressive behavior you should immediately take him into an action.

If he attacks, then don’t back out or get afraid. Don’t hurt him either! Simply, train him, handle him with patience & be nice to him. Remove his spurs & trim his beak for safety.


3. Cuddle him to lean.

Don’t you feel Cuddling is a nice way to calm down your anger?

Cuddling can lean anything & everything! So, cuddle with your rooster to calm him down. Place him underneath your arms. Hold his legs with one hand and keep his wings held against his sides. Cuddle him & give him a touch of adore. Make him feel like you love him and you care for him.

Cuddle him whenever you enter the coop. Don’t stop cuddling if he irate or make noise. Only your touch of affection can make his behavior nice towards you.


4. Be patient.

If you can’t be patient enough to handle your rooster & train him then you must think of disposing of him right now! Your rooster needs time to adopt the new environment, to accept you as his owner. Only your efforts will transform him into a nice & gentle guy.  You must have to repeat all these processes for several weeks.

As days will pass he will accept your gentle tutelage and eventually he will stop attacking you. You must have to be really patient to reduce his aggressive and injurious behavior toward you.


Protecting yourself from an attacking rooster is not a difficult task to do like traveling to the moon! It’s really simple and easy. You just need to follow some tips and tricks to calm him down. Remember that you are a human and you can do anything! You can make your rooster a docile guy just by having some patience. So, have some patience and try hard. Nothing is impossible for you just have to train your rooster! Hope this article helped you to find ways on how you can protect yourself from your rooster’s attack and train him to be Mr. Nice rooster!

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