Keep Multiple Roosters in a Single Coop

8 Ways to Keep Multiple Roosters in A Single Coop

Having roosters as your pet is a nice & also tough thing to do. Usually, people don’t want roosters. They prefer to lay hens instead of roosters.  But if you are breeding your hens naturally it is possible that you get even more than one rooster. So, keeping multiple roosters in your coop is a very critical task to handle.

Roosters are just like those stubborn baby boys in the market who just keep doing drama & cry until their parents fulfill their needs. If you can keep your rooster managing their every need & wants as well as understanding their behavior & nature you will get a nice & friendly environment in the coop.

Otherwise, you might face a lot of trouble with your roosters. So, here are top 8 most effective ways to keep your multiple roosters in a single coop.

1. Keep all your rooster separate from your hens

separate rooster from your hensIf you want to breed your hens with your rooster then you must keep them with your hens. The ratio of keeping roosters & hen together in a coop is 10-12 hens per rooster. If this ratio is not maintained and several hens are less than your hens might get injured because of over mating.

Also, roosters are very protective of their hens & it me result in unnecessary squawking & fighting between them. It’s not necessary to keep your roosters & hens for breeding. You can breed your hens in a simulated way.

So, it is better that you keep your roosters & hens separated & keep all your roosters in a different coop to avoid any unnecessary fighting between your roosters for their hens.


2.Keep all your roosters in one single coop

Keep roosters in single coopTry to keep all your roosters in a single coop & don’t make different coops for different roosters.

Roosters don’t have a strong memory like humans. Once my cousin kept one of his roosters outside of the coop for breeding purpose. He had 6 roosters in his coop & when he kept the rooster back in the coop all the 6 were unable to recognize him.

As a result, all the rooster fought with him & he got seriously injured on his neckline, head & back. So, never keep any of your roosters away from the coop. Always keep them together in a single coop.

3.Put your cockerels at the right time in the coop

Roosters naturally have the pecking order. For example, in case of eating food the main or lead rooster will have food first & then the bottom roosters will have their food.

So, if you want to keep multiple roosters together you must keep your cockerels in the coop before they start crowing & their wattles are red. In this way, there will not be any problem in their pecking order & all other roosters will accept the cockerels without any sparring.

4.Have a big coop for your roosters

Try to have plenty of space for your roosters. If you are keeping multiple roosters together it is very normal that they will have some fight & squabble occasionally.

But things can get worse if there is not enough space for them in the coop. You must have to keep your roosters in a bigger space than normal space.

For example, if you have 5 roosters then you might think normally to keep them in a medium size of the coop. But actually, you have to keep them in a large size coop. If you keep multiple roosters together fighting with each other aggressively in a small coop, then they will end up injuring one another seriously.

So, have a big coop for your roosters. You should always keep in mind that your roosters are unable to keep control over their anger like you. They are roosters, not humans & they don’t have the impulse to control themselves.

5.Have more than enough food for each rooster

enough food for each roosterRoosters follow a natural pecking order. So, when they have to take food the top rooster takes his food first & the bottom roosters take food after him.

Whenever the bottom rooster tries to break the order it results in so much fighting & crowing in the coop. Sometimes, when there isn’t enough food they start to fight even gets worse.

The scenario is just like your home. If your siblings eat all the food & there is nothing for you to eat when you are hungry you will fight with them & so the roosters do! So, if you are keeping multiple roosters together ensure plenty of food for them. In this way, all the roosters will have their needs fulfilled & there won’t be any quarrel & fight in the coop.


6.Raise your roosters together in the flock

Try to raise all of your roosters together. If you raise up all your cockerels together then they will make their own pecking order & when they will be younger, they will be less likely to fight & sparring. Also, add cockerels to your existing folks before they are sexually matured.

In this way, there won’t be any mismanagement in the pecking order of your rooster & there will be less fight between them. If you add an adult rooster to your existing folks, then the adult will try to establish his dominance & thus result in fighting & severe injuries.

So, always raise your roosters in the same coop together.

7.Use chicken glasses/specs on your rooster

Use chicken glassesSome rosters are very scared of blood. When they see blood on other roosters they lose control & it results in even more fighting & crowing.

In this type of situation, it is seen mostly that the roosters show behavior that is abnormal as well as injurious. To avoid this situation, use chicken eyeglasses that are made with rose-colored lenses from celluloid or aluminum.

It prevents the rooster from seeing blood on other roosters & help than to keep calm. Using chicken specs reduces the chances of abnormal injury in roosters. You will get Chicken Pinless Peepers Eye Glasses for this.

8.If any rooster is too aggressive to remove it from the flock

Roosters usually fight or create unnecessary squawking when they are unhappy or the environment of their coop is not balanced.

Even after making all the arrangements & the environment in the coop normal if you find that some of your roosters are still fighting & hurting others then remove them from the flock. Some roosters are prone to fight with one another & very aggressive towards the other roosters.remove aggressive rooster out of flock

If you have got a rooster who loves to fight then it’s just your bad & you have nothing to do about it. Just keep him out of the flock. If you want to keep him then make a different cage for him & keep him alone there.

And if you don’t want to keep him then sell him in the market or eat him! The thing is there is no negative thing in eating your own rooster pet as you have raised him & you know that the meat is fresh & hygienic than the rooster meat available in the market.

But its entirely your choice what you want to do with that aggressive one. Simply, keep him aside or sell him or eat him!

None of us wants some aggressive & fighting roosters to be our pet except we are doing an exhibition of fighting roosters. So, if you want to keep multiple roosters in a single coop then try to follow all the ways mentioned above. It’s not a very hard thing to manage multiple roosters in a single coop. Just use your ideas, provide the roosters all the necessary arrangements to live happily & have some patience. Hope this article will help you to keep your multiples rooster in a coop.

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