Stop Your Rooster from Crowing

Top 5 Ways to Stop Your Rooster from Crowing

Imagine!  You are having a sound sleep tonight after having a hectic week & suddenly your rooster starts to crow so loud that even your neighbors come out to beat you. I am sure you definitely don’t want to have this kind of experience. In this article, you will find some solutions to stop your rooster from crowing.


Why do roosters crow?

Roosters crow because of their daily cycle. All the animals in this world have a daily activity cycle named circadian rhythms. Recent studies show that sunlight is not necessary for the roosters to crow. Roosters have an internal clock by nature that alerts them when it’s dawn. A rooster crows for 13-15 times a day.

Your rooster may also crow to protect his hen. If the rooster can sense any danger around then he starts crowing to aware his hen about that & to protect the hen from upcoming environmental risk.

Your rooster may also crow to express his dominance over other roosters. Apart from all these a rooster will start crowing at any time of the day whenever it will be exposed to any stimuli.

It is not really possible to totally stop your rooster from crowing but you can limit his crowing and reduce his voice to some extent. So here are top 5 ways that are most helpful for you to stop your rooster from crowing at an awkward time.

1.    Keeping only one rooster in the coop

Although roosters are really good as a pet, usually no one wants roosters in their house instead of laying hens. People get roosters by mistake. So, if you are one of those people who has got one rooster as a surprise gift then you are lucky!

But if you have got more than one then you should try to keep them separated from each other. Roosters crow a lot more when they are more than one in number. They want to show their mastery over one another &their crowing becomes the reason of your disturbance. So, keep only one rooster in the coop to avoid unnecessary crowing.


2.    Know the time of crowing

It is very normal that your rooster will start crowing at dawn. If the sun rises around 5.30 A.M in the morning then your rooster will start crowing at 4 A.M and this is absolutely natural.

At night your rooster is supposed to sleep but if he sees light coming from any source then he will assume it as the beginning of morning & start singing so that you can sing with him at night & enjoy the night with him. If you don’t want to hear his song & enjoy singing with him then notice when & why he starts crowing to limit it.


3.    Feed your rooster & fulfill his needs

Feed your rooster & fulfill his needsWhat do we do when we are hungry? Either ask for food from our mom or dad or we make food for us or we buy food from the market, right? But what if we don’t get any food? We get angry & start to scream often. Same applies for the rooster as well.

A rooster has no mom or dad to make food for him, he can’t make his own food & don’t even have money to buy his food!

So, when he is hungry, he crows. Only you can feed him & it’s really important to know when he is hungry, what kind of foods he likes to have & how much food he needs to meet up his hunger. That’s the way to stop him from crowing at any time!


4.    Keeping the rooster inside a blackout box

Though roosters have a natural internal clock that allows him to know when it is dawn when the light comes from any source he assumes it as sunlight & start to work as your alarm clock. So, always try to keep your rooster inside a blackout box at night.

Now the question is what that is & how to get that. It’s a box in which you can keep your rooster at night time to provide him with a dark & sleeping environment. You can buy the box from the market or you can make it by yourself as well.

If you want to make a DIY blackout box all you need is a cage & a blanket through which light & sound can’t pass. Just simply cover the cage with the blanket. Whether you buy it or make it, put some hay on the floor of the box to make it a comfortable place for your rooster.

T ry to keep the box away from light & sound so that your rooster can sleep well. Your rooster will not crow at night if he is not exposed to light anyhow.


5.    Knotting your rooster with a rooster collar

Knotting your rooster with a rooster collarIf all the 4 methods fail to stop your rooster from crowing then he might be someone who just loves to crow & annoy you as well as your neighbors with his pleasant songs. In this case, a rooster collar is what you need.

It will limit the flow of air to the voice box of your rooster & his voice will not be as loud as before. Just make sure that the collar is not really tight & your rooster doesn’t have any breathing problem.

M ake it easy & comfortable for him. At first tie, the collar loosely around his neck & then day by day make it a little bit tighter. It will help your rooster to get easy to stay with the collar. Check his breathing & movements more often. You can get My Pet Chicken No-Crow Rooster Collar or get a rooster collar from any shop that supplies pet.


“Cocks crow in the morn to tell us to rise” that’s what we learned when we were the kid. A rooster will crow in the morning to wake you up from your sound sleep. It’s his work by nature. But sometimes roosters just start crowing unnecessarily at an awkward time that disturbs us. Hope this article helps you to stop your rooster from crowing.

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